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Jan. 22nd, 2007

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Some interesting stories that came up in Google News about raccoons.

'Raccoon Tune' gets set to its own music
A raccoon Musical? It will be bigger then Cats!

'Monster' the raccoon goes free
Grrrr. I don't like humans who think that all raccoons have rabies.

Ricky the Flighing Raccoon
Some good raccoon pictures in this one. Shame the coonie lost his home.

Let the Gourd Times Roll
A war with a raccoon over sunflower seeds, and has one of the best lines I've seen:

"Because raccoons are smart -- so smart they could hack into theAmerican voting system and change the destiny of the free world. Oh,wait, they've already done that."

Did I miss the secret meeting?

Hey, who invited them?
Tips for how to keep raccoons out of your home, without killing them.

Racoon wreeks havoc at Stephen Photography
I swear it wasn't me!

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