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Mar. 14th, 2007

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IMMIGRANT RASCALS: Raccoons Invade Germany
Actually, if you're a raccoon fan, then you've know of the German Raccoons (sometimes called the Nazi Raccoons). This is just an update it seems from the english service part of a German news magazine.

Get your raccoon repellent here
I'm all for non lethal ways to keep humans and raccoons apart. Raccoons may be cute and cuddly, but they are wildlife (some wilder then others) and really humans should stay away from us.

Atchafalaya Voice: The Raccoon (Nonfiction)
Cute story of a family keeping a raccoon as a pet

I've also been having a bunch of reports of Rabid raccoons, Raccoon Dinners (eep! Folks still eat raccoon in this day and age?!), and the Tanuki fur labeled faux fur stories. I'm going to try to stick with just the positive stories in my LJ. Sometimes it's hard. Then there's the story that a Raccoon is responsible for the recent increase in gas prices

Strangely I also get alot of stories of the Raccoon Lake Area of Centralia, IL, which seems to have a Raccoon High School. They even call their women's sports team the Lady Raccoons. [ profile] linnaeus, we should take a trip down there sometime. According to the map, there's an amtrak station not far from the Lake.

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