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Mar. 27th, 2007

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As google pulls up news stories with the keyword raccoon in them, it also pulls up stories about places with Raccoon in their name. I know [ profile] linnaeus is compiling a list of them. So I'll include Raccoon namesakes as they come up for him, and for anyone that's interested.

Raccoon Point Park, Somerset County, Maryland (map)(topo map)

I thought I'd also look up some more information about the Raccoon School that I keep getting info on from Centrillia, IL. And I've come across quite a bit actually. Raccoon Elementary, Centrilia, IL Another Raccoon Elementary, this time in Pennsylvania. Seems from google there are alot of Raccoon schools out there. Came up when I searched for Raccoon High. They're the home of the fighting Raccoons.

Raccoon rabies vaccines: Officials hope program stops growing problem
It's nice to know that some humans are trying to solve the rabies problem without resorting to slaughter. Us Raccoons thank them.

Linnaeus at 300: The royal raccoon from Swedesboro
For those who were wondering where [ profile] linnaeus got his name.

Ms. Takes: Outsmarted by a pesky backyard raccoon
Try to keep a raccoon out of food? You'll lose that battle every time.

WHIT GIBBONS: Raccoons could make very good house pets
I was worried when I saw this headline. But the article does list alot of the pitfalls and hazards of humans taking us into their homes. We make wonderful companions, but we get bored easily, and you can't keep us out of anything we don't want to get into. If you want to take a raccoon into your home, be prepared to live with a critter as smart as you, and with the mischiefness of a three year old.

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