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I've been crying for the last half hour.
I was just let go from my job. And for something that wasn't my fault.
It seems that on Tuesday I was 8 minutes over the 5 hour limit to go to lunch. At walmart this is cause for a write up. But because I had gotten sick earlier this year, and had a write up for going home sick back in May (you can have only four sick days every six months, the day I went home made it five), company policy was to let me go. Both the store manager and the assistant manager over me didn't want to fire me. They very much stressed that, and I was told that I have a job waiting once the six month hold I have on reapplying is over. Doesn't help me much in the meantime. Though they did both say I can put them down as personal references. That's something I guess.

I'm going to have to wait till Thursday to look for another job, as there isn't enough gas in my car to do any running around, and this Thursday will be my second to last paycheck, I'll get a tiny one two weeks after, for the four hours I worked today. I'll hit the few computer places around here then, and start searching the want ads. What a horrible time to be looking.
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