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Three in a Row.

Apr. 25th, 2019 04:01 am
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Posted by Michael

This weekend we’ll be at AwesomeCon.  It will be my first convention alongside Garth for 2019, but my third consecutive convention in three weekends.  I like doing conventions, meeting readers both old and new, hanging out with Garth, and returning to cities I like to visit… but man, I’m exhausted.

That’s not to say I’m dreading AwesomeCon.  Far from it.  AwesomeCon is one of my favorite shows to work.  Last year I had to miss it due to scheduling conflicts, so I’m extra excited to be returning this weekend!  AwesomeCon has a great crowd that’s honestly hungry for comics, and that’s quite a feat given the impressive list of celebrities that will be in attendance.  Comics creators tend to get pushed to the wayside in favor of celebrity autograph and photos, so for a show that pulls in pop culture and nerd icons to still have a solid focus on comics is impressive.  AwesomeCon can be a madhouse, but I love the feeding frenzy.

But man, I have to admit, doing three shows in a row is not as easy as it used to be.  I take that back.  Three conventions in three weekends as an exhibitor has never been easy.  Even as a younger man, on those rare occasions when the schedule lined up like this, it was exhausting and expensive.  Arranging travel and hotel, covering the time away from home (especially when there are kids and pets who rely on you), being “on” for the long hours of a vendor hall, and just the weariness of frequent travel are all tests of endurance.  But even now, as an older man, I face that endurance test fueled by a passion for what I do.

Thankfully, this is the final stretch of my marathon.  After AwesomeCon, we get a break until July.  Normally I start to miss the spring and early summer conventions, but after this endurance test I could use some serious hibernation time.

Page 207: Chapter 5 - Page 35

Apr. 24th, 2019 10:36 pm
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Chapter 5 - Page 35

This content originally published by Sophie Pfrötzschner at Soul’s Journey.

EGS:NP - FantasyWasteland-08

Apr. 24th, 2019 06:07 pm
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New comic!

Today's News:

Seriously, Grace, don't dwell on it. This is a game where you can find a legendary fire wand that does bonus frost damage. You're just going to have to accept some weirdness.

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New comic!

Today's News:

My shoulder is hella messed up... I think from sleeping on it the way I do. I'm not sure what exactly is the issue, but it is my drawing arm so it's something I'm watching and taking pain reliever for... but it does slow me down a bit.

George is likely in way worse shape than me though.

But he's a comic character...

Photochroic Ink Egg Clock

Apr. 24th, 2019 04:08 pm
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Posted by Lenore Edman

Jiří Zemánek (who has also made stroboscopic ornaments and eggs) shared this video of his clock made from an egg covered in photochromic paint and a violet laser in the pen holder of an EggBot.

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New comic!

Today's News:

Vote over at TWC and you can see some thumbnails! Scribbles that somehow magically turn into a whole comic page!

Trying to lay out a fight between a werewolf and a dude who flies/floats in a tree is not easy! I think I managed. I wanted to show that Elias can be stealthy when he wants to be lol. (I guess no matter what, you still have a giant werewolf dude in a tree, there's only so fast you can move to hide that.) 

But wait! Why isn't Lucas actually using the wolfsbane?? IDK, maybe we'll find out what he has planned after he smiles like a creep on that last panel. 

In related news, I've let my Society 6 store kind of just fall by the wayside, but I finally hunkered down last night and came up with some merch to sell through Hiveworks! Mostly prints, especially the chapter covers, but I'm also adding a coffee mug with Malaya's family's cafe (Red Moon) to the store. I like merch that makes it seem like you showed up and bought something from a place in the story :). I'll try to add more prints here soon, and we're plugging along on the first volume (hopefully with a second and maybe third volume to follow pretty quickly? who knows, they only have so many people to help with this stuff!). I'm not good at merch because I hate owning things, but other people do! So I'll make it happen somehow. Not sure how long it'll take to get things posted in their store and everything, but I'll let you know!

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